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Yogurt Cup From Fill Seal Machine
Yogurt Cup From Fill Seal Machine

Evalcan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China yogurt cup from fill seal machine manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to provide customers with cheap yogurt cup from fill seal machine products. Welcome to buy low price products from us.

Plastic sheet feeding unit:
Material: PP, PET, PS
Thickness: 0.6-1.2mm

Thermoforming unit:
Including pre-heating unit and cup forming unit, the main parts are:
Pre-heating board
Air cylinder (JAPAN SMC)
Switch (JAPAN Omron)
Bearing (Germany Lgus)
Temp. sensor (JAPAN Omron)
Heating pipe

Filling unit:
For liquid, using fixed range air cylinder, lower filling error(<1%). With sealing device to avoid the liquid leak in the filling.
The main parts are:
Filling/butterfly/pneumatic valves
Filling head
Material storage tank
Air cylinder (JAPAN SMC)
Switch (JAPAN Omron)
Sealing ring

Sealing film feeding device:
The film feeding is driven by servo motor, fixed length feeding to save the film. Contrasting to the synchronization feeding, it can save about 45% film.
The main parts are:
Film storage platform
Date printing unit(ribbon printer)
Color sensor
Air cylinder (JAPAN SMC)
Adjusting unit

Film sealing device:
Adopted once sealing device.
The main parts are(including cooling device):
Sealing board (JAPAN non-stick plating)
Air cylinder (JAPAN SMC)
Oil-free lubrication unit
Temp. sensor(JAPAN Omron)
Heating pipe

Cups cutting device:
Adopted imported cutting unit, once cutting.
The main parts are:
Cutter combination
Switch (JAPAN Omron)
Oil-free lubrication unit (Germany Lgus)

Output device:
This device is used to connect with the following system, such as conveyor or cartoning. It should be customized.

Main driving system and control:
Servo driving (JAPAN Mitsubishi)
Switch (JAPAN Omron)Driving chain unit

Process from plastic cup forming, filling, sealing, date printing, cutting and product transportation is completed full - automatically. These machines are equipped with world famous top brands systems of servo drive, PLC, touch panel,temperature control, photoelectric control, pneumatic control, automatic lubricating, etc..
1-Liquid filling
Juice, jelly, sauce, water, yoghurt(Stirred style, after-fermentation style) etc..
2-Paste filling
Ketchup, ice cream, coffee cream etc..
3-Powder filling
Coffee power, milk powder, fruits powder etc..

D-Technical parameters:

Filling range

10-500ml (should be customized)


6000-32000cups/hour (should be customized)

Filling accuracy


Sealing quality

≥99.5% well

Cup material

PP/PS/PET or others(should be customized)

Plastic sheet thickness



>1:1.6(can be customized)

Plastic sheet width

Designed as the cup size

Sealing film thickness

0.04-0.1mm(laminated foil or plastic film)

Power spec.


Compressed air spec.


Power consumption

As the factual production capacity

Compressed air consumption

As the factual production capacity


As the factual production capacity


As the factual production capacity

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