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    Maltose Syrup Production Line
    Maltose Syrup Production Line

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    1-Production process
    1.1-Using whole rice as raw materials

    1.2-Using corn starch as the raw materials

    Double enzyme

    3-Production process introduction and control points
    3.1-Rice soaking
    Using water to soak the rice in 4 hours, until the rice is soak the water enough.

    3.2-Rice milling
    Using sand mill to crush the soaked rice to slurry.

    3.3-Slurry modifying
    Adding tap water/pure water into the separated starch, to 30%, adjusting the PH value to 5.5-5.8 by Na2CO3, temperature lower than 45℃.
    The starch solution must be equal, good fluidity.
    The α-amylase adding 400-450ml/T in dry, can endure high temperature.

    First jet temperature 105—110℃, and keep 4-5min.
    The second jet temperature is 125—135℃, and keep 1-2min.
    The liquefying tank keep temperature 95—98℃,reaction time 2-2.5hours.
    Final DE value 15-20%,iodine reaction color shows brown.

    After liquefying, cooling the syrup to 58—60℃, them pumped to saccharifying tank, for different products the parameters will be different, for maltose, usually the saccharifying syrup DE value 20, adjusting the PH value 5.5, temperature 55—56℃, adding fungal α-amylase 200ml/ton in dry, and reaction 44-46 hours, the final DE value 46-48.
    The another process is adjusting the PH value 5.8-6.0. Temperature 55—56℃, adding fungal α-amylase 200ml/ton, after 14 hours, adding mixing saccharifying enzyme 100ml/T in dry, total saccharifying time 26 hours, the final DE 52-55.
    After saccharifying, heating the temperate to 80-85℃, to inactivate the enzyme, also can use the ejector to inactivate the enzyme.
    After adding the enzyme, mixing the syrup about 30min, then stop.The tank shall be sterilized timely, and the compressed air shall be filtrated.

    3.6-First decoloring and filtration
    Frame filter:

    Decoloring tank:

    Adding 303 acticarbon, 0.3%/T in dry, mixing in 80℃ for 30min, pressure less than 0.35Mpa, the light transmittance after filtrating is more than 95%.
    The first decoloring can use the used acticarbon from second decoloring, the new acticarbon shall add 0.15%/T in dry.
    The filter can use frame filter, after filtrating, the syrup content in cake is less than 2%.

    3.6-Second decoloring
    Adding 303 acticarbon, 0.3%/T in dry, mixing in 80℃ for 30min, pressure less than 0.35Mpa,the light transmittance after filtrating is more than 97%.

    3.7-Ions exchanging
    Using plate heat exchanging cool the syrup to less than 50℃, the syrup pass through cation--anion--cation--anion exchanging column, to exchanging the ions(salts) and decoloring, the flow is 2.5-3 times/hour than the single tank resin volume. Usually use 4 sets of exchanging columns cycling used, the group is (1,2) (2,3)(3,4)(4,1).
    When the syrup from the first column the conductivity ≥120US/cm or the color get to yellow, then stop the using column, and change to other group.
    Adding the PH value for exchanging liquid shall use the cation column, no need to add acid.
    The exchanging liquid request: clear, crystal, without impurity, conductivity less than 50us/cm, PH≥4.4,light transmittance≥99%.
    The used acid/alkali shall be neutralizated before discharging, the pool shall be paved with CaO, and changed timely.

    Evaporation thickness 70-75%。
    Vacuum degree more than 700mmHG,
    heater steam pressure less than 0.4Mpa

    3.8-Feedstuff protein dryer
    Using the flash dryer to dry the pomace as the feedstuff protein.

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