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    Liquid Filling Capping Machine
    Liquid Filling Capping Machine

    Evalcan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China liquid filling capping machine manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to provide customers with cheap liquid filling capping machine products. Welcome to buy low price products from us.

    Production description:
    JFX stand up pouch filling and capping machine is fully automatic production line with such processes as automatic pouch-loading, fixed-position filling, cleaning for spout, cap feeding and inserting, capping (applying magnetic adjusting torque for rather stability), discharging and liquid level controlling. Not only can it be connected CIP cleaning system, PLC control and touch screen system, equipped with the Air-purifying system and safeguard switch, but also some functions can be added or removed according to the customers’ requirement. This machine is suitable for packing jelly, soy milk, yoghourt, mineral water, juice, ice cream, edible oil, seasoning, scour and so on.

    Equipment composition:
    1.Driving system: 
    A-By frequency conversion motor drive, the division precision indexing, transmission is simple, reliable, high precision motion, dividing accurate
    B-Spherical self-aligning bearing, good adaptability
    C-The Lord has driven shaft position detection function, real-time monitoring sports position state
    D-The output torque can be set, to prevent transmission system overload
    E-Stainless steel turntable, anticorrosion
    2.Pouch feeding system:
    A-Double rodless pneumatic cylinders automatic feeding bag;
    B-The bullet clip pattern store bag system
    C-Two button operation safety protection system
    3.Filling system:
    A-Filling system using external type design, system maintenance convenient (optional)
    B-The material into hopper adopts the profile low position input material design, reduces the foam formation
    C-The hopper is made of high quality stainless steel
    D-Equipped with high and low level control device
    E-Metering pump adopts the piston type structure design, measurement precision
    F-Diaphragm valve adopts the high quality wear-resisting material, pneumatic drive
    G-Metering pump body has high position cleaning function, the piston cleaning without dead corner (optional)
    H-Filling system using piston cylinder driving, can adjust filling volume
    I-The valve type by clean pneumatic butterfly valve
    J-Piping system design optimization, no dead Angle, the main pipeline node is using the welding process
    K-According to different material design corresponding filling, filling no drop leak, foam less
    L-Filling head mounting bracket
    4.Cleaning system:
    A-Cleaning the thread mouth of the spout
    5.Ordering lids system:
    A-Vibration type lids ordering plate(lids feeding hopper)
    B-Lids Slideway
    C-Vibration frequency controller
    6.Covering lids system:
    A-No lid alarm system
    B- Pre-capping system
    7.Screwing lids system:
    A-Pneumatic lids screwing head
    B-Capping torque control system
    C-No lid detection system
    D-Protection cover
    8.Pouch output device:
    A-Automatic pneumatic output the finished product
    B-Error pouch drop, separate and output system
    9.CIP device:
    A-CIP recovery interface have sealed function
    B-Cleaning pipeline
    A-Realize cleaning with the pressure, cleaning in the whole line without dead corner
    B-Set interfaces, can be connected with factory CIP center
    10.Centralized lubricating system
    A-Lubricating Oil supply center
    B-Oil pipe, oil pipe nozzle, allocation of connectors
    C-In all sports parts of automatic quantitative lubrication
    11.Electric control system
    A-High-performance programmable logic controller and real-time feedback show various
    control information, state detection information, alarm information
    B-Human machine interface, real-time cyclic display alarm information
    C-The power supply sequence, phase lack detection alarm circuit protection
    D-Related location operation state and position detection alarm circuit
    E-Necessary part set the emergency stop button

    Main Technical Parameters:



    Filling volume


    Power supply


    Motor Power


    air pressure


    Air consumption

    0.8m³/min (external air supply)

    Filling accuracy

    Within ±2ml




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