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    Jam Filling Machine
    Jam Filling Machine

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    1-PVC plast sheet roll
    2-Pre-heating box
    4-PVC forming
    8-Heat sealing
    9-Main motor
    10-Making tear line
    11-Sealing film roll
    12-Stepping motor drawing
    14-Wasted plastic collecting

    Introduction of the main structure:
    1-PVC plastic sheet roll
    Max. outer diameter 300mm, width 200-270mm, thickness 0.15-0.35mm.
    Plastic sheet shaft diameter 46mm, paper roll diameter 74mm.
    Working process:
    The PVC plastic sheet is controlled by the swing shaft, the swing shaft will work with PVC sheet, the proximity switch will give the signal to the PLC, and PLC control the motor to release the sheet, or stop feeding.
    When the plastic sheet is used out, the machine will stop and give alarm.
    2-Pre-heating box
    It is used to heat the plastic sheet, to help to form the cups in the moulds.
    The longer time the PVC be heated, the better performance of forming, so the pre-heating box length is set as 350mm, to ensure the PVC is enough time heated.
    The temperature is controlled by HMI, temperature error range ±1℃.
    Heating temperature 80-180℃, that is decided by the PVC thickness.
    The encoder is used to give the signal to PLC, it is make the impulse to PLC with the working of main shaft, the principle is: Give the compressed air when the moulds is closed, and stop the compressed air feeding when the moulds is opened.
    4-PVC forming
    The forming is used blow forming system, and driven by cam with the main shaft, the position can be adjusted by handle wheel.
    The heated PVC will be formed in the Alloy moulds, using compressed air.
    Using pneumatic liquid piston to fill the material to the formed cups.
    This machine is gathered most of actions control in touch screen, and controlled by PLC.
    The control language is Chinese and English. With E-stop switch at side.
    Using photocell to position the film length and feeding, error range ±0.01mm.
    Heating sealing the plastic film with the cups.
    9-Main motor
    Using reducing motor, with self-braffle function, main power 380V/50HZ/3P/4L. Or customized.
    10-Making tear line
    To press a line to easy tear the sealing film.
    11-Sealing film roll
    Max outer diameter 250mm, width 200-270mm, thickness 0.02-0.035mm, shaft diameter 46mm. Inner roll diamter 74mm.
    12-Stepping motor drawing
    To feed the sealing film, controlled by HMI, can adjust the length on site.
    To cut the cups one by one.
    14-Wasted plastic collection
    To collect the wasted plastic after cutting, and tighten the belt.



    18-28stocks/min(20stocks for honey and jam, 25-28stcks for oil)

    Packing speed

    220-330cups/min(with 12 stamping and filling heads)

    14400cups/hour for honey and jam,

    19000cups/hour for oil

    Drawing stroke


    PVC plastic sheet thickness


    Sealing film

    Roll aluminum film

    PVC sheet max. Dia.


    Sealing film max. dia.


    Wasted plastic roll dia.


    Max. Forming size

    250×180×26mm(beyond this size shall be customized)

    Main motor

    Y90L—6  1.5Kw

    Compressed air

    ≥0.36m3/min, 0.4-0.6Mpa

    Molds cooling

    60L/hour, tap water or cycling water


    380V/50HZ/3P/4L 6.9KW





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