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    Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine For Powder
    Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine For Powder

    Evalcan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China horizontal form fill seal machine for powder manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to provide customers with cheap horizontal form fill seal machine for powder products. Welcome to buy low price products from us.


    EV-110 type of horizontal auto-packing machine is suitable for packing milk powders, coffee, seasoning, etc. Different filling methods can be used for different products such as liquid. Paste,Jam,granulars, and so on.


    Choices for mutilple sealing types of international standard.Safety protection by mutilple layers to keep products from penetration. Visible during the packing ,easy to learn the operation, convenient and quick to adjust package size. Packaging type for pouch is selective for 3 side 4 side sealing.

    The main characteristics of equipment

    1.Bag system:Bagging, sealing and filling is relatively independent of the system,The packaging can be adapted to different objects, package size and shape.
    2.Product packaging system:Using heat sealing packaging materials (polyethylene, multilayer composite coating), the automatic bagging completed. measures such as packaging filling and sealing process fully automated production facilities. Trilateral closure pocket or bag is a four-sided flat closure. Use different forms of filling machine, and packaging different products.
    3.Control System:PLC programmable computer controller inverter and so on, high integration, the ability to control and reliable operation. Photoelectric sensor, encoder, the switches are close to the import of advanced sensors. machinery and electronics integration has been a perfect performance.

    Technical Parameter:
    1-Pouch Width:50mm-110mm
    2-Pouch Length: 50mm-130mm
    3-Max Volume: 60g
    4-Speed: 40-70 pouch/min.
    6-Reel: 400mm
    7-Electricity Consumption: 2.5KW
    8-Air Consumption:0.6m3/min
    10-Size (L*W*H):2200mm*940mm*1370mm


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