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    Belt Metal Detector
    Belt Metal Detector

    Evalcan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China belt metal detector manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to provide customers with cheap belt metal detector products. Welcome to buy low price products from us.

    The Metal Detector detects all metal impurities,such as Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, etc.
    Base on adaptable DDS phase technology , DSP technology ,high efficiency Power Amplifiers, they can improve detection sensitivity and  stability;
    With Self-learning function and Setting Wizard with large LCD, Everyone can operate it easily.
    Multi-Frequency technology can be selected at factory, provides field flexibility for the introduction of products.
    Base on flexible multiple product memories for rapid product change over and data storage.
    The maintenance made of stainless steel, no external control boxes , all controls are integrated ,easy to maintain.

    Best reliability
    Based on transmit and receive monitoring system by itself, The machine have best reliability Compared with other.
    High Sensitivity
    Base on both Fe and SUS detected by divided channels, Multi-Frequency Technology coupled maximizes detection accuracy.
    Intelligent inspection
    Based on self-learning function and 3D detection algorithm, the performance of system even more performance than previously.

    Technical Parameters:

    Size of channel








    Fe Ball



    SuS304 Ball



    Height of conveyor belt

    750 ± 50mm

    750 ± 50mm

    Length of conveyor belt



    Width of conveyor belt



    Product parameter Settings

    intelligent self-learning

    intelligent self-learning

    Maximum Weights



    Typical Belt Speed

    About 28m/min(adjustable option)

    About 28m/min(adjustable option)

    Alarm Types

    Alarm、Reject action、PLC nodes

    Alarm, Reject action, PLC nodes

    Power system

    220V~240V AC 1Phase 50~60Hz(or 110V AC)

    About 90W220V~240V AC 1Phase 50~60Hz(or 110V)


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