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    Automatic Snacks Packing Machine
    Automatic Snacks Packing Machine

    Evalcan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China automatic snacks packing machine manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to provide customers with cheap automatic snacks packing machine products. Welcome to buy low price products from us.

    Main character:
    1-Using servo motor and PLC control, whole automatic sorting and packing.
    2-Higher packing speed with stable structure, logically and easy operation.
    3-Angle of the sealing blade can be set freely, vertical sealing wheel can automatic open when the machine is stopped, to avoid scald the packs.
    4-The bag former is special designed, can change to other bag sizes easily.
    5-The height of the horizontal jaws can be adjusted,can be used for different height of products,conveniently and good sealing quality.
    6-Through a high speed chocolate sorting system, can complete the whole packing process automatically.

    Technical parameters:
    Horizontal sealing center distance: customized, estimated about 115mm.
    Packing speed: 50-460bags/min
    Horizontal sealing cutter quantity: 2-3 cutters
    Bag length: 75-120mm 3 cutters,85-180mm 2 cutters
    Material height:≤50mm
    Power: 220V/4.5kw
    Weight: 1.8tons
    Size: 6700*1060*1700mm

    Elements list:
    Name Brand Origin
    Photocell Sick German
    Contactor Schneider German
    Bearing UBC Japan
    Inverter Delta Taiwan
    Sensor Omron Japan
    Servo motor Mitsubishi Japan
    Cylinder Airtac Taiwan

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