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This fall film evaporator is mainly used for concentrating or distillating the materials with low viscosity, good fluidity material, such as fruits or vegetable juice, glucose, starch, discharge liquid reusing, alcohol, syrup, milk industry etc...

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Evalcan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China packaging machine manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to provide customers with cheap packaging machine, accessory machine, sweets packing machine, doypack packing machine, high speed check weigher products. Welcome to buy low price products from us.


The wrokshop area should be adaptive to the production capacity with reasonable placement and good drain situation. The workshop floor should be clean without water used with anti-skid, sturdy, waterproof and corrosion resisting materials. Workshop exit, the waterspout connecting with the outsides, ventilated place,these parts should be installed with rats, flies and pest control facilities. The walls,ceilings and windows should be used with nontoxic,light color,waterproof,anti-mold and easy-cleaning material which won’t desquamate easily. Wall angel, ground angel and the other angels should have curves which its radius of curvatures within 3cm.
With the improvement of living standards of population growth, consumer demand for food is rising, consumption growth has led the development of the food packaging industry, but also led to the rapid development of food packaging machinery. Global food and beverage market is a dynamic growth market, global food and beverage costs
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